American Girl Heaven

Tumblr as a site is kind of falling apart, so I want to move my American Girl blog to a more stable site! You can find the original blog here.

This site is still under developement and I really need to refresh my memory on how to make a site that looks good.

There's going to be lots of images. Let's see how many I can put up before hitting the storage space maximum.

Things I hope this site will serve as:

Historical Characters


Felicity Merriman

Caroline Abbot

Josefina Montoya

Marie-Grace Gardner and C├ęcile Rey

Kirsten Larson

Addy Walker

Samantha Parkington

Rebecca Rubin

Kit Kittredge

Nanea Mitchell TBD Molly McIntire
Maryellen Larkin TBD Melody Ellison TBD Julie Albright

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